Interested in giving a workshop or teaching a class?

We have a delightful family atmosphere with many regular customers and students who come from all backgrounds. Some are new to metaphysics, some are seasoned veterans, and some are healing practitioners. We provide a friendly workshop space and look for teachers, authors, and facilitators that have passion and compassion for what they do. If you’d like to teach a class please look at our suggestions below.

What We Provide: Our space is quite cozy. We have tables and chairs. Class size may vary from a presentation format of up to 30  seated individuals with a presenter at the front of the room. If you are seated in a circle on the ground we have pillows and find that the comfortable number is about 15. If you are teaching energy work or hands on healing modalities we have two professional tables and knee supports. We have a cooler for hot and cold water with a variety of tea choices. A small CD player and clock are provided. A clean lavatory is in our suite available to students and teachers. We provide Advertising for you on our newsletter email, Facebook Page, Posted Flyers, and Website.

What You Provide: White Board & Markers, Tools & Supplies Specific to Your Craft, Table liners or floor protection for craft projects. If you have any specific needs or questions please include that in your inquiry.

Room Rental Fee: Our rate is 20% of your collected student tuition.

Please Include the following in your request:

A paragraph that best describes your field of expertise and experience with the information you’ll be teaching

  1. The time needed to teach a class. We have Friday Night Gatherings from 6:30pm -8:30, Saturday between the hours of 10am-6pm, and Sunday between 12-3p

  2. The tuition you will charge for your class. Normally Tuition is $10/hour/student (This changes if you are providing items needed to students)

  3. Will there be tools provided or needed? (it’s always helpful if you include this in the cost of your class)

  4. Be specific about what you’re offering and what the take-away is. Will you provide tools, will they need to bring anything, will they receive a certificate, or leave with a completed project? It isn’t necessary for attendees to leave with a physical item, but they will have learned something. It’s important to identify what they are going to learn to do.

  5. When Submitting your email to

    1. Subject Line should include text: Proposed Class, Workshop, Presentation

    2. Body of email should include: Class Title, Proposed AVAILABLE Date (look on our Class page for open dates), Time Allotment Needed, Start Time, Tuition, Class Description (please refer to notes above), Class Restrictions, Class Attendance Minimum (if there is one)

    3. When your class is scheduled and all is confirmed, we will request a Store Event Poster to be made by you. It should include the above information with a picture of yourself and needs to be emailed in Word or Publisher (Editable) Format.Suggestions:

      1. From time to time we are asked if we provide space for sales or education on a product for sale. We are not a space to advertise a product being sold, unless it is a book. Stargazers is a venue for experiential learning. If you are marketing a book that you can teach from and make it a part of an experiential process that is considered a learning and teaching exchange, that would be considered apropos to our venue. If you are marketing a tool or product we are not the right venue.

      2. Provide Your Credentials: have you developed a topic of interest, published a book, hosted or guested on a radio show, facilitated workshops, studied with a well-established metaphysical mentor/teacher/training program? Be sure to provide information that gives your students what your background and experience is.

      3. Relevant Topics: Psychic Development, Meditation, Chakra’s, Personal Empowerment, Crystal Wrapping, Astral-Travel, Reiki, Healing Modalities, Shamanism, Metaphysical Crafts

      4. You may find it helpful to visit both our Classes and Readers page on our website to see our format.


      After inquiring, expect two weeks to hear from us. Our spam filter may have taken your letter so follow up is always wise. We appreciate your gifts and desire to share, and receive applications throughout the year. If time is a factor, say so in your email. We’ll contact you with any questions and arrange a time slot mutually agreeable to all, please consider providing a telephone number to reach you.


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