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Rainee Osborn

2nd Saturdays || 10am - 6pm

$120/Hr $65/30min $35/15min
Cash || Check

With a heart-centered approach, you can heal, grow and enhance your life through self discovery. Rainee is an empath. Her skills provide an opportunity to make changes to consciously create the life you desire and be the pure essence you were born to be.

Rainee offers:

~Jikiden Reiki, a simple and effective form of energy healing from Japan, that improves the body, mind and spirit.

~Crystal Healing

~Aura Clearing

~Access to your Akashic records, to answer any questions you have about your past, present or future.

~Animal Communication: Do you need clarity and understanding of your animal companions? Rainee is a powerful healer and effective communicator with animals.