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Pipe and Drum Circle

with Tess | Sundays | 11 am - 12 pm

Tess has decided to offer Sacred Pipe, Drum and Prayer Circle again!! Bring Your Drum, Rattles, Flutes and Voices. Please be prompt, we open circle at 11 and close circle at noon so we may open the store to patrons. Tess will walk you through if you are new to Pipe and Circle. This Powerful ceremony, which includes the Native American Sacred Pipe Ritual, is a focal point for your life each week and the perfect way to conclude one week and begin a new one. When we gather in prayer, we lift ourselves and each other to divine heights of understanding, awareness, love and power.


Sacred Knitting Circle

with John Skyrman | Tuesdays | 11 am - 2 pm

Join The Stargazers Stitchers for a Knitting and Crochet Circle, Tuesday’s, 11:00 to 2:00. Gather with like-minded people creating lovely Articles infused with love and prayers for those we know and may not know, creating Prayer shawls and blankets for those that are in need of comfort and finding the joy with in. Throughout the ages people have joined together to create lovely works. Bring your own knitting or work on something to donate to the hospice group. We have yarn which has been donated and are excepting your donations.

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Reiki Circle

with Dana | Third Tuesday | 6 - 8 pm | $15

Come and share Reiki with an experienced Reiki Master Teacher. There will be a brief presentation, review, and plenty of time to share experiences and ask questions. You’ll have a chance to receive and give a Reiki Treatment.

Open to all Students, any Level, any Lineage, and anyone curious about Reiki. Our circles are relaxed and inviting, with group and individual healing Reiki practice.

Drop-ins are welcome, but we do encourage reserving a spot (call Stargazers to reserve).

New/ Full Moon Rituals

with Natasha Nay | 6:30 - 8:30 | Please consult events calendar for specific dates…

Celebrate the creative energy of the New Moon in a Lunar ritual to honor Deity and draw down Her energy to support your healing and growth. We will perform a guided meditation to send healing energy to the earth and all who live here. You will also create a personal Despacho-style offering to Spirit containing your intentions for releasing and manifestation. Despacho is a ritual long used by the peoples of the Andes to honor the Earth Mother and petition for support.


Yoga with Tibetan Singing Bowls

with Gabriela Seldes | Tuesdays 2-3 pm | Fridays 5 - 6 pm | $20

Find inner peace and balance through practice of yoga asana (poses) designed to lead you into a deep meditative state. The session focuses on energizing of each of your physical body’s chakras through use of singing bowls promoting clarity of mind and soothing relaxation. All ages and skill levels welcome.

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Tarot Study Group

with Justin Elzie | 3rd Fridays | 7 - 9 pm | $20

This is a study group for those interested in learning how to use the Tarot for Spiritual growth or for doing Readings.  This is a safe space and all levels of experience are welcomed.  In this study group we will be learning a new spread each month, going through the Major and Minor Arcana cards and exploring new ways in which the cards reflect our life experiences.  You will get comfortable reading the cards so that you can come up with solutions for yourself or the client and have something tangible to work with.  We will be sharing interpretations, experiences and looking at how you can apply these to your daily life.

 This group will be facilitated by Justin Crockett Elzie who is a Professional Tarot Reader and Teacher.  His background is in Archetypal Astrology, Occultism, Hermeticism, and Jungian Psychology. He brings in these foundations to the study group along with his experience in numerous readings in how the cards can be applied to the Individuals Souls Journey.