Nina Bryden

Certified Yoga Instructor | Reiki Therapist | Heated Amethyst Biomat Therapy | Aromadome | Yoga Nidra | Breathwork | Chakra Balancing
Wednesdays | 11 am - 5 pm
Cash | Check

Amethyst Biomat + Passive Rest
$50/60 min | $35/30 min

Amethyst Biomat + Reiki, Yoga Nidra, or Pranayama
$ 125/60 min | $70/30 min

Amethyst Biomat + Aromadome Essential Oil Therapy
$135/60 min

Nina is a certified yoga and meditation teacher with a penchant for comfort, gentleness, and acceptance. She has special training in Reiki as well as a variety of body/mind healing modalities, and she loves to combine them into a soft kaleidoscope of well-being:

  • Amethyst Crystal Biomat – infrared & gem-stone thermo-rest therapy

  • Aromadome – enclosed essential oil therapy under an Aromadome

  • SoMat – a relaxation & meditation ‘mat’ that supports and aligns the back and spine

  • Yoga Nidra – a journey into one’s own inner landscape, a guided meditation that can be equivalent to 4 hours of delta sleep

  • Pranayama – breathing techniques that cleanse the mind, open the body, elevate the spirit, soothe the soul

  • Reiki – channeling life force energy, prana, can improve energy, release tension, relieve pain, speed recovery

Resting on the amethyst-filled, infrared warmed Biomat is a passive experience that leads to ultimate relaxation and pleasure in the body, mind and spirit. Combining Far West infrared heat with 25 pounds of gemstones creates a magical feeling inside the body and entrains our energy flow to synchronize and slow down. This allows accessibility to meditation and delta-wave rest.

Nina is also trained in spinal tension release and meditation techniques on the SoMat with Chiara Guerrieri. She is also a trained Reiki II practitioner under the mentorship of Reiki Master Melinda Kaur.