Laini T. McNeal-James

Emphatic & Channeled Readings | Intuitive Tarot
1st Saturdays | 11 am - 4 pm
$30/15 min | $60/30 min | $100/60 min
Cash | Check

Laini T. McNeal-James, is a 5th-generation psychic who was born into a family legacy of spiritual abilities on both sides. 

A gifted empath & clairvoyant, Certified Spiritual Counselor & Reiki Master, Laini uses her combined 20-years’ experience as a spiritual practitioner & professional makeup artist to help her clients access their inner & outer beauty.


Using a method of divination that dates back to ancient Egypt & Laini fuses her psychic gifts to create profoundly accurate readings.

~Offers insight into love, money & health.

~Helps you gain clarity when making career decisions.

~Activates your higher guidance & strengthens your own intuition.

ORACLE       $150 /1.5hr

This channeled session connects you to your personal Soul Committee of: Angelic, Ancestral & Spirit Guides.  Receive past-life information that will help you release any negative life patterns that no longer serve you.  Strengthen your divine intuition & leave knowing you are fully supported in becoming your own Oracle. (Prepare to discover how gifted & blessed you are!)

ILLUMINATION       $150 / 1.5hr

This healing session will focus on your Life Purpose & Soul Gifts.  As we listen to the story if your soul, we will identify: your soul's purpose, the illuminated gifts you brought with you to share & release any fear surround your Divine Purpose & Mission.  (Prepare to work & heal)