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Giavonne Mitchell

Psychic and Aura Readings || Certified Sound Healing & Rejuvenation ||
Hypnotherapy For Conflict Resolution and Past Life Recall || Dream Interpretation

2nd & 4th Saturdays | Sundays | Cash or Check

Psychic Reading: Past-Present-Future/Auric Reading

Session: 15 Minutes/ $30   *   30 Minutes/ $60   *    1 Hour / $110

Sound Healing
I combine years of intensive Sound-Healing study and practice with over 30 years as a professional Psychic to create an environment for your body to do what it needs to do to feel Restored, Energized and Deeply Connected to your Source. While sound healing is an ancient practice, long known for its restorative properties, we now have the benefit of modern science and medicine recognizing its authenticity. Over the years I’ve developed a successful technique that harmonizes Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Tools to create a harmonic grid for activating your cells. Some experiences will take you deep into a peaceful state, while others may reveal messages from your Guides and Guardians. Specific crystals choose to work with you to help amplify your internal song!

Session: 30 Minutes/$60

Restorative Journey Hypnotherapy™
Not Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a deep meditative state that puts you in the drivers seat while I act as a healing Guide to help you resolve a variety of life challenges: Overcome Creative Blocks, Phobias and Destructive Relationship Patterns; Connect with Loved Ones Crossed Over. Heal Past Trauma, Transform Heartbreak, and Anxiety. Hypnotherapy puts you in charge of you! Yes, past-life recall and integration is also available. Gain personal and emotional healing in an accelerated format. While one session often sets the course for your resolve, I consider hypnotherapy as an ideal means of personal growth that grows with you, much like an oil-change boosts the performance of your car.

Session: 2hrs / $150

It’s in my Italian/Irish blood for generations. From the beginning I could see and sense beyond the norm and eventually gave up my professional life as a successful CGI artist and award winning media/advertising specialist to focus entirely on assisting and co-creating harmony and resolution with others on our wild and crazy ride of a life. I’ve been doing this dance for over 30 years. When not at Stargazers I’m busy parenting, being an artist, and making healing candles.