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Open Heart Meditation For Busy People with Dmitry and Lubov | $15

Open Heart Meditation for Busy People

Dmitry & Lubov

We tend to get very busy in our day-to-day lives between our relationships, our work life and how we spend our free time. With so much emphasis on using our brains to solve problems, we tend to neglect using our spiritual heart. In Open Heart Meditation for Busy People, Dmitry and Lubov will give you simple and practical ways to begin using your spiritual heart in your daily life. In this workshop, you will learn:

1.      How to feel your head vs. your spiritual heart

2.      Easy techniques on how to use your heart in daily life

3.      A guided ‘heartfullness’ meditation that will help you release emotional blockages and help you feel your heart better.

Dmitry and Lubov are a mother and son duo who have been practicing Open Heart Meditation for over 24 years collectively.