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Create Your Soul Card with Giavonne | $40

Registration Closes Thursday Sep. 5th At 12 Noon

(all supplies included in tuition)

Attention all creative hearts! This playshop is all about creating a joyful connection with your Soul, Guardians and Guides and to create your very own Soul Card! This is a visual expression of who you are, your gifts, your Light, your Guardians who protect you- be they Angels or Animal Totems or Ascended Masters. You'll take a guided Journey to meet your Highest Self, then you'll cut and past and create a colorful collage to remind you of the beauty of who you are and what you are about in this lifetime. You don't need to know how to paint or draw, this wonderful workshop is about collage and imagination at play while working creatively with your Guides! If you can uses scissors and puff pains and glitter, your all set! Giavonne has been teaching these Creative Intuition workshops for over 20 years and you'll love the process. Your supplies are included in this adventure.