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Full Moon Ceremony with Natasha Nay | $20

Celebrate the cycles of the Moon at our New Moon and Full Moon Lunar rituals! 

The New Moon is our time to meditate, reflect on our decisions, and rejuvenate ourselves for planning our next move. At New Moon rituals we will be releasing old patterns and charging our intentions for new beginnings. We will invoke Deity at the beginning of the Lunar Cycle by dreaming of what we wish to create in our life. We will align our energy with the Goddess in Her aspect of the New Moon and in extend this in our pathworking for healing of the Earth. 

The Full Moon is the time when our emotions are at their highest and everything is magnified. It is prime time for prophecy and divination and adding energy to our life, and for cleansing.  At Full Moon rituals we will be harvesting and acknowledging what progress we have made so far in our intentions with gratitude. We will cleanse our energy by drawing down Deity in Her aspect of the Full Moon. And we will perform a type of basic divination to determine if we are still in alignment with our intentions from the New Moon. Our willingness to love and forgive are magnified by the energy of the Full Moon and we will harness this energy in our pathworking for healing of the Earth.