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Transforming Anger Into Compassionate Connection with Nina Helfrey | $20

Nina “Spirit Bear” Helfrey is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach whose mission is to help facilitate healing for others on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels through holistic means.  She decided to become a health coach after curing her own “dis-eases” through subtle dietary and lifestyle changes.  She leads informative well-being workshops to empower and inspire others to do the same.

Description of Class:

 For every 60 seconds we are angry, we lose one minute of happiness.  Learn how to change this pattern and connect with the life-serving purpose of anger.  Learn new ways of understanding and relating to the feelings of anger and how to practice new ways of relating to yourself and others by re-focusing your attention during conflict.  Information presented is how to focus our attention on how we can meet unmet needs and begin to connect at the place where we are all essentially the same.  Students will learn a technique to help shift their consciousness during conflict and how to express their needs in a healthy way by getting to the “heart of the matter.”


No restrictions.   I highly encourage students to bring a notebook or journal to take notes.