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Wisdom Of The Tarot with Mary Lee LaBay Part 1 | $20

Imagine holding deep, personal, meaningful wisdom at your fingertips. Picture yourself with the skills and knowledge to gain answers and access intuitive information at any time.

The Tarot is a powerful tool for self-discovery and transformation. With its 78 symbolic cards, the Tarot provides profound access to your inner wisdom and creates a catalyst for intuition, new perspectives, and a closer glimpse at the Truth.  Effective teaching techniques provide easy memorization and immediate familiarity and ease.   Plan to have the skills and knowledge to give readings to each other by the end of class!

If you wish to bring your Tarot cards to the class, it is suggested that you bring the Robin Wood Tarot Deck (used in class), or Rider-Waite, Universal, and similar decks. 

Friday: Learn a little history of Tarot, and to choose a deck for yourself, handle the cards, and do the Celtic Cross layout. We will begin the explanations of the 22 Major Arcana cards that depict soul and life lessons.

Saturday: Continuing with the Major Arcana, and all of the 56 Minor Arcana, as well as demos and practice giving readings.

Friday only (no workbook available):  $20. 
Friday and Saturday $120 PLUS Materials fee: $20 
for full and detailed professionally-bound workbook, containing instructions and card definitions.

NOTE: As workbooks are professionally bound, students registering a week or more in advance will receive their workbooks the day of class. For those registering less than 7 days in advance, your copy of the workbook will be available July 22 at the store. Class size is limited.