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Raise Your Frequency : Living in Now with Darlene Green | $45

Your most potent expression is only available from the Now immaculate moment. If you are living in the past or the

future, your power is not fully accessed. Your true creativity, wisdom and I AM presence may only be found Now.

“What if you begin to hear clearly the voice of your soul? What if you are fully living the life of contribution you know you

came here to be? What if you find what you have been looking for? What becomes possible when you embody the

divine expression of Love that is uniquely you?” The Council of Light

In this class we bring the concept of Now into reality as a possible way of being in your day.

You are offered meditation, concepts, exercises, energetic support and the presence of The Council of Light, in Divine

collaboration with Darlene.

Bring a journal and pen to record insights, wear comfortable clothing, bring water. This is a high frequency conversation

designed for all levels of spiritual seeker. (If you are just starting your learning, I recommend you consider beginning

with Classes 1 and 2 as they create openings and energetic support for expanded awareness as a reality. Follow your

intuition.) This class will be audio recorded.

“We invite you to your highest expression. You have asked for the return to Love and we respond. We place upon the

altar for your consideration an invitation to see your divine magnificence Now and bring that to bear in your day’s

moments. Not as an ideology or philosophy but as your divine essence expressed fully, beyond perceived limitations. It is

already who you are, not someone you become. As you say “Yes,” we meet you eye to eye, peer to peer and divine to

divine. Beloveds, do you hear the calling of your soul?”