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Turn Up The Heat : A Clearing For Receiving Love with Andrea | $20

So often when we have a relationship problem, we try to fix it with talk, analysis or discussion. However, it can be far more effective and impactful to work energetically. You can use energy to support healing for all relationships, and allow even more love to flow into your life. Join us to learn what is energetically interfering with what you desire. Find out how you may be sabotaging the love that is possible and what you can do to transform your relationships by simply changing the energy in your home. During this class you will receive a Balancing Crystal Spell, Feng Shui principles, and a Manifestation Ritual.

Presenter Bio

ANDREA FIRPO is a Psychic Cheerleader. With a background in psychology, crystal and plant medicine, reiki, shamanism, and clairvoyant training, Andrea identifies the underlying source of any patterns inhibiting and undermining your sense of value and self-worth.

As an Intuitive Energy Healer, Andrea teaches simple, yet powerful energetic and psychological tools to build awareness in the heart and mind around the deep conditioning of emotional trauma.

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