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Answered Prayer and Manifestation Class with Mandy | $20

In this class, Mandy will teach several methods of praying, different ways to shift your paradigm from the details of everyday life – to that of communicating with God, the importance of faith, Divine Timing, recommendations for receiving an answered prayer and more.

Students will engage in activities, visualizations, and ideas for prayer. Mandy will share her personal experiences with prayer from the past 16 years.

Students should bring a notebook and pen.


Mandy Arwén is a Psychic-Intuitive, Author and Spiritual Teacher. She began studying spiritual growth in 2003, and began giving Angel Readings in 2007.

Mandy is the author of “Golden Nuggets – Your Guide to Practical Spirituality” – a spiritual and personal empowerment book. “Golden Nuggets” sells on and has a 5-star rating.

Mandy gives readings by phone from her home office in Edmonds, Washington. Her focus is the Soul’s Intention, although she loves to give clients their guardian angels’ names, too.

Ms. Arwén has a series of YouTube Podcasts on the “Mandy Arwen” channel. There are podcasts on interesting topics and psychic readings as well.