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Spirited Improv with Connie | $20

Connie Sponheim has been a theatre educator, director and actress for over 30 years from California to Washington.  She holds Life credentials at the elementary and secondary levels, as well as ESL certification and  a Master's in Theatre Arts.  Having directed and acted in over 80 plays, as well as commercial, film and voice-over work her expertise and imaginative methodology create lasting  joy and valuable memories for her students...of all ages. 

Learning/Interaction Agenda: Intro, warmups/ice-breakers, Improv skill building thru games and centering exercises, Theatre/Improv games, closing.

Benefits of the Artform of Improvisation: Releases Creativity/Imagination, boosts confidence, interaction/socialization, new friends, stay in the moment, learn focus, lift your emotions/spirits, teaches listening/reacting, pay attention to detail, teaches Spontaneity/flexibility/naturalism, teaches saying β€˜yes’, increases your trust of others and respect for their decisions and abilities.