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Journey Of Self-Discovery with Mary Lee | $20

Journey to Self-Discovery

Enjoy an evening of deep trance states and powerful transpersonal techniques to deepen your meditative state, explore your subconscious mind, and connect you more fully with the spirit realms. Your journey will carry you through your imagination to discover messages from your higher Self, meet your spirit guides and totems, and strengthen your intuition. Discover new and useful aspects of your Self, as you explore and expand your spiritual awareness. 

This workshop will be useful for you:

• Enhance your ability to meditate and experience deep states of consciousness

• Discover new ways to access your intuition and subtle senses

• Understand which sensory modality best suits you when using your intuition

• Develop or deepen your relationship with your spirit guides, totems, and other spiritual supporters

• Become more aware of messages from your higher Self and about your life path—and ways to access them in the future

• The use of symbols of the Tarot to elicit additional meaning from your meditation

This evening “playshop" is highly experiential, little to no lecture.

Please bring a journal and pen for recording your messages, thoughts, and impressions. You are encouraged to bring your own Tarot or Angel cards if you have them, though not required. Feel free to bring any other comfort needs.