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Shamans Voice - Grounding Wisdom of Great Spirit | with Tess - $30

 This New Series of classes provides you with profound channeled wisdom as it pertains to your life's' journey. Each monthly gathering will focus on a particular aspect of your life. 

   This month we start at the beginning with:  Your Souls Purpose.

   Tess Spiritual journey began at the tender age of 13 with her first near-death experience. She was being raised as a Roman Catholic so she immersed herself in the Church, its teachings and rituals. By the time she was ready for college she realized her search within the Catholic Church was futile. She turned to the study of philosophies of the world. When she was introduced to the Native American path by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind, she knew she was spiritually home. Through past life flash-backs she learned that she had walked this path many times. 

    Through the ceremonies, rituals and teachings of the Native path, Tess has come alive spiritually. Her connection to Great Spirit and Creator--all that is, is deep and true. She now sits in the place of the Elders and thus is tasked with the responsibility of sharing and grounding Great Spirits' wisdom for the edification and support of Mother Earths' Children. To this end she offers The Shaman's Voice series of gatherings.