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Therapeutic Breathwork with Aman $30

Therapeutic Breathwork is something Aman designed to help himself and loved ones self regulate during difficult times. It is a guided meditative process that brings the body back into balance on a chemical level. This is accomplished through a combination of internal color therapy and hyperoxygenation. Therapeutic Breathwork is an effective tool for reducing Anxiety, Anger and symptoms of Depression. It can also be applied to Pain Control and releasing the charge of Traumatic Memories stored in the Body-Mind. As a form of healing that uses a combination of Tibetan Tummo Breathing, Psychosomatic Neuromodulation, and Color therapy to take the body out of an unwanted fight or fight reaction into the calmer state of rest and digest, it is an effective tool for managing the symptoms of Anxiety/Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain and Traumatic Memories. $30