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Women’s Flower New Moon: Goddess Lakshmi Ritual | with Bridget Engels | $20

Women only.

This new flower moon is pregnant with energy and is very important in Wicca since it symbolizes the feminine divine. Beltane has just past and we draw in the upcoming New Moon’s energy of Luna. As the Flowers and blossoms open up…we also open up. Goddess Lakshmi is associated with Abundance & Prosperity (both inner and outer) and she is a powerful Devi who can transform life! She’s all about increasing our own spiritual and emotional wealth and elevating us to a higher state of being. We will charge our intentions to flower & grow in the warm months ahead this night with Lakshmi’s guidance.
This abundant, fertile energy lends itself to Prosperity & Moon Magick!

Sacred questions:

What is fertile for you?
How will you bring Abundance/Prosperity and/or a higher level of being into your life with Lakshmi’s help?

We will be moving in circle, sitting, standing, chanting, raising energy, and meditating. This is a Wiccan Ritual. Group participation is required!

Bring a flower for the central altar to charge and a wear bright colors, bring a sassy scarf.