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Reiki Certification 1 | with Dana | $150

Learn about Reiki and discover why so many people are adding Reiki to their list of “must-do’s”! Reiki is being successfully used to assist people with child birth, anxiety, pain, surgical recovery and side effects from cancer treatment, to name a few.  In just one session, you will be able to give Reiki to yourself, family, friends and even your pets.

Reiki 1 Certificate

Learn Level I Reiki, receive a Reiki Attunement/Placement and Reiki I Certificate.  Reiki I teaches the history of Reiki, Basic Healing Hand Positions and a brief introduction to Reiki II.   You’ll learn how to treat yourself and others with this gentle, yet powerful energy that promotes physical and emotional healing to all levels of the body and mind.  Reiki strengthens your own intuitive and healing abilities. Reiki can do no harm and complements any medical, alternative treatment or therapy.  Students’ most popular comment after learning Reiki I is that they no longer feel helpless when those closest to them go through life’s challenges.

(Includes Reiki 1&2 Manual)