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Part 1 Healing The Past : Traditional Approaches to Soul Retrieval with Dennis Dossett | $20

Have you ever felt a part of you is missing, been in a life-changing accident, faced a severe healing crisis, been a victim of bullying, or dealt with egotistical relationships, you may find that Soul Retrieval is necessary.

Retrieving parts of you that were lost, ignored or unappreciated or endangered is key to improving your health, relationships, career, and creativity. The practice of Soul Retrieval is ancient and spans many cultures and methods. Dennis assists clients from all walks of life to reclaim their personal power. In these two classes you

will learn:

  •  What is soul retrieval and how do “lost” soul parts affect your current life?

  •  Why is it important to deal with these energies on your metaphysical path?

  •  What are the traditional methods used for soul retrieval?

Join Dennis for a demonstration and informative discussion of these and other questions you may have about soul retrieval.