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Conscious Living Part 1 : Overview & Creating the Life You Desire with Dennis Dossett | $30

What does it really take to create the life you desire? In the first class of the Conscious Living series we will

explore one of the most important tools for becoming the Master of your life and for creating:

  •  Healthy, Happy Relationships

  •  Health, Well-Being, And Healing

  •  Manifesting Abundance

  •  Creativity & Peak Athletic Performance

  •  Contacting your Spirit Guides & Intuition

  •  Raising Your Vibration & Soul Evolution

The Alpha State:

  •  What is it?

  •  Why is it important?

  •  How can you learn to enter it?

  •  How can you use it in your daily life?

Join Dennis for an afternoon’s journey into a natural state of human consciousness you may not have known

existed! In fact, the Alpha State is one of the most important tools we have for creating a life of meaning,

fulfillment, and joy.