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Tarot Study Group with Justin | $20

This is a study group for those interested in learning how to use the Tarot for Spiritual growth or for doing Readings.  This is a safe space and all levels of experience are welcomed.  In this study group we will be learning a new spread each month, going through the Major and Minor Arcana cards and exploring new ways in which the cards reflect our life experiences.  You will get comfortable reading the cards so that you can come up with solutions for yourself or the client and have something tangible to work with.  We will be sharing interpretations, experiences and looking at how you can apply these to your daily life. 


This group will be facilitated by Justin Crockett Elzie who is a Professional Tarot Reader and Teacher.  His background is in Archetypal Astrology, Occultism, Hermeticism, and Jungian Psychology.  He brings in these foundations to the study group along with his experience in numerous readings in how the cards can be applied to the Individuals Souls Journey.