Employment Inquiry

If you’re interested in finding a place on our team, and would enjoy meeting and assisting our shopping community please send an email to stargazers888@outlook.com; Subject Line: Employment Inquiry.

Please include a resume of past employment and/or your working experience, and any specialty interests you have in Metaphysics. If this is your first employment opportunity in a long while, don’t be shy, share your interests and strengths. We offer part time employment opportunities from 1-3 days a week.

Counter/Sales Associate
Part-time, flexible hours. One to two weekdays from 10-6 pm. Alternating Weekends, Saturday from 10-6 pm and/or Sunday from 12-3 pm. 

Reader/Healing Practitioner
We are always looking for readers and healing practitioners to share their gifts to our community. If you are interested in being one of our readers or healing practitioners, please send an email with your resume and tell us what you do and what days and hours you’d like.

Perfect Fit

Have a desire to assist others of all paths and walks of life

  • Are Patient, Respectful and truly like meeting people

  • Are Organized

  • Are Confident, yet Respectful of others

  • Enjoy working around a variety of minerals, books and, magical items

  • Have knowledge of Crystals and their meanings

  • Knowledge of Chakras, Energy & Crystal Therapy, Essential Oils, Meditation, Tarot, Divination, Ceremony

  • Are willing to learn on the job

  • Enjoy being a part of a metaphysical gathering place

  • Can hold your own in a store filled with amazing crystalline energy

  • Are Proficient in MS Office Suite

  • Know how to work with Constant Contact

  • Follow Direction


We are devoted to keeping Stargazers a warm and welcoming touch stone for all seekers. We each have our own individual gifts to offer, and understand that each person entering Stargazers Bookstore has a gift to offer as well.

We allow seekers to enter and define their own mission or adventure. Our goal is to hold space and provide information requested.

We have a love for sacred space and an appreciation for keeping our hearts and minds open. We devote time to getting to know all aspects of the items we offer so that we can better assist.

Most of all we come from a place of integrity and genuine kindness.