Christina Stembler

Licensed, Certified & Insured MT, CCT, CFCT
AKA, MareLin Pnw HPriestess

Massage Therapy
$50/30 min | $100/hour | $150/90 min

Ethereal Infusion Therapy ©
$200/90 min

Healing Journey Tarot Readings
$60/30 min | $120/hour

To schedule, please feel free to call me at 425-922-2828 to discuss the type of Service you are Interested in.

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Every day, I am pleasantly reminded of the honor it is to be a conduit of transmission for Divine’s Message. As an Empath, Spiritual Lightworker, Reiki Master and Intuitive Massage Practitioner, I work with Spirit in a multitude of ways and with various tools, myself being one of them. The goal of any healing session is to communicate with Divine Energy, on your behalf, to bring about healing to your spirit and body with guidance, insight, love, hope and inspiration, for the best and highest good of All.

I graduated from Dahan Institute of Massage Therapy in 2000. I am trained in Several different Massage Modalities and have recently created an energy treatment session that I like to call an Ethereal Infusion Therapy © .

Ethereal Infusion Therapy is a mixture of Reiki, Earth Energy, Lightworking, Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Crystal, Angel, Massage and Reflexology Therapies  that will leave you feeling Connected to the Above, Grounded and Healed in the Below and Balanced in the Between.

I am a Licensed, Certified and Insured Massage Therapist, trained in a Multitude of Modalities – Certified Cupping Therapist – Certified Facial Cupping Therapist – Certified Reflexologist – Reiki Master, Usui Tradition

I have been Working in the Energy Medicine Field for 10+ years

For information on ALL of the different Modalities I can provide for you please visit my Website: www.theoldtreeshoppe.com.

I have been a practicing Witch since I was Very Young. I have been blessed with the gift of “Sight” from Many generations before me and I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that fed and still feeds my gift. I am now a Student of the Correllian Nativist Tradition among other Traditions

I am a Mother to Four Amazing Children that teach me new and wonderful things on a daily basis, they are my life’s Greatest Gift.

In my “spare” time I love to take photos and am Honored that the beautiful energy of Divine shows itself in some of my pictures. I have photographed many Fae, Plant Spirits, Crystal Angels, Spirit Orbs and beautiful Aura’s around the living. You will often see my work in The Sapling Newsletter’s, My Website and Always A Positive Side Cards that I sell. Just look for Always A Positive Side and #AlwaysAPositiveSide

” Life is an ever learning Lesson, I can’t seem to put the book down and I love Every Minute of it!” – Christina