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Bruce Cohn

Transformational Life Mastery & Sound Vibration Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls

3rd Saturday of the month 10 am - 6 pm
Cash or Check
Transformational Life Mastery

60 Minutes/$120 90 Minutes/$180

Everyone deserves to feel alive, fully expressed, and happy
Transformational Life Mastery helps you to transform old energetic patterns, imprints, core wounding, beliefs and past lifetimes that may have kept you stuck and held you back from realizing the highest manifestation of your purpose and potential.  These sessions powerfully support in clearing and releasing any blocks and past traumas, in order to create deep and lasting results, opening new pathways for you to step into greater alignment in all areas of life. 

Transformational Life Mastery is a journey
Transformational Life Mastery is a powerful and life-changing system designed to support you in listening and tuning in to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. This work uses energy therapy, clearings and alignments to balance and recalibrate the human energy field, with tremendous positive results in overall well-being and liberation from old patterns.  

Through this work, we bring awareness to the core issues that have been affecting your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As the light of awareness is shone on these areas, we hold all of these parts of self in a field of unconditional love, and then choose to shift into new patterns and behaviors that allow you to step into greater fulfillment, vibrancy and joy.

Things that are frequently experienced with this work
A sense of calmness and  relaxation - Understanding and clarity around issues - Releasing of blocked energy - Increased energy - Deeper spiritual connection and understanding - Opening to  one’s own inner wisdom - Shifts and improvements in chronic conditions or illnesses - Increased sense of well-being.

Step 1:
We begin the session with a consultation in which we explore and discuss what is present in the moment, and where you may be struggling emotionally and/or physically. We map out your soul purpose, and do an initial energetic assessment. I also facilitate clearings that support you in stepping into your highest alignment.

Step 2: I provide hands-on energy-work and a reading of each layer of the energy field around you. This supports in gaining greater awareness and in doing clearing work on any imbalances that have created disruptive patterns in your body, including your organs, muscles, bones or any location that is out of alignment.  Through restoring a more optimal flow of life-force energy to your body and energy field, we begin to bring your entire system back into balance and vitality. 

Step 3: We co-create and establish a time container for an extended phase of transformational guidance and healing support. This can be anywhere from 1-3 months, depending on your needs and objectives.

I provide an assessment which includes personalized feedback on the state of each energy center and the corresponding imprints, core wounding and blockages that may have held you back from realizing the highest embodiment of your potential.  I also share powerful and life-changing tools and practices to help support you on your personal healing journey.

Vibrational Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls (By Appointment Please)
30 Minutes/$65 60 Minutes/$120

Experience deep levels of relaxation, clearing, healing and release with vibrational sound healing.  Sound healing is a complementary modality using singing bowls to invite harmonious sounds and frequencies into the body to encourage one to return to their natural state of resonance.  Each specially tuned bowl emits a soothing vibration that dissipates negative energy, helps to correct imbalances in the body, calms the mind and invites total relaxation. This session will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to begin again anew. 

About Me:
Bruce Cohn is a transformational guide, sound and energy healer and shamanic facilitator. He is known for his big loving heart, depth of compassion and his dedication to continually augmenting his toolkit to serve his clients on the sacred journey home to the  beauty, wisdom and joy that lies within. Bruce’s diverse background has included travelling the world, being deeply connected with nature as an avid outdoorsman, and 30 years as a highly successful entrepreneur and businessman. This success has enabled him to have abundance codes to share with his clients as well as the time to be in complete service to others.  In 2015, after a powerful awakening, Bruce’s rapidly developing inner guidance led him onto his spiritual path, and he was guided to many great teachers who have supported the cultivation of his gifts. On his journey, Bruce discovered a natural ability for hands-on healing and connecting with higher guidance to support in bringing people into greater alignment.

Bruce is a trained Reiki Master and Certified Vibrational Sound Healing Practitioner. He was born to be a healer, and is incredibly passionate about every aspect of this work. He is also currently studying Neo-Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing with the intention of hosting Shamanic Circles and Ceremonies upon completion of the certification. It is Bruce’s deep honor to utilize these diverse and life-changing skills and tools to help you on your path of ever deepening self-love, self-awareness and stepping into the fulfilling, nourishing and joyful life you were meant to live.