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Bruce Cohn

Transformational Energy Healing

First Session 50% Off: 90 Minutes/$90

Follow-Up Sessions: 

60 Minutes/$120

90 Minutes/$180

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Everyone deserves to feel alive, fully expressed, and happy

Transformational energy healing helps you to clear old energetic patterns, blocks, imprints, core wounding(s), beliefs and past lifetimes that keep you stuck and are holding you back from realizing the highest manifestation of your Divine essence. 

Transformational energy healing is a journey

Our response to conditioning, stress, trauma and distress over our lifetime can hugely us. These can often result in illness, anxiety, emotional disturbance, imbalance and many other difficulties that affect all layers of our field. Transformational energy healing is about listening and tuning into to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. Then using energy therapy to clear, charge, and balance the human energy field and bring awareness to the core issue that is affecting your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


We will start the session with a consultation to explore and discuss what is present in the moment, and where you may be struggling emotionally and/or physically. Then with you laying down, I work hands-on to clear the imbalances that have created disruptive patterns in your body by entering each layer of the energy field around you, your organs, muscles, bones or any location that is sensed to be out of alignment. Restoring optimal flow of life-force energy to your body and the human energy field will over time begin to bring your entire system back into balance and vitality.

Post care 

Includes direct feedback on the state of each energy center and the corresponding imprints and core wounding(s) that are holding you back from the full manifestation of your highest reality. Along with tools to help support you on your personal healing journey. 

Things that are frequently experienced with this work: A sense of calmness or relaxation - Understanding or clarity around issues - Releasing of blocked energy - Increased energy - Deeper spiritual connection or understanding - Acceptance of one’s own inner wisdom - Changing of chronic conditions or illnesses - Increased sense of well-being.

Vibrational Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls 

Session: 30 Minutes/$50 Session: 60 Minutes/$100

Experience deep levels of relaxation, clearing, healing and release with vibrational sound healing.  Sound healing is a complementary modality using singing bowls to invite harmonious sounds and frequencies into the body to encourage one to return to their natural state of resonance.  Each specially tuned bowl emits a soothing vibration that dissipates negative energy, helps to correct imbalances in the body, calms the mind and invites total relaxation.